About me

Calliope Anemouli (Καλλιόπη Ανεμούλη) was born 1987 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Was raised with values which are honoring human beings , that promote her to study, until 2006, physiotherapy at Alexander Technological Institution of Thessaloniki. Studies that helped her understand the movement and special features of Human body. This knowledge gave her the advantage to create – while still studying at SITAM fashion Studies in Thessaloniki – clothes that, as she says, flow with the movement.

In 2009 she travels to Paris in order to complete her studies on clothe creations next to the Master Dressmaker of Christian Dior. In 2012 her own private Atelier for Sur Mesure (Tailor Made) Clothing is being established in the Center of Thessaloniki at Gr. Palama 1 & Tsimiski at the 1st floor. Until now she is creating clothes that are made to last.